Quotes to think about:
from JP O'connor

"How good do you want  
to be?"

Believe in yourself ....
Believe it is possible!

"If you focus on the
result, it gets in the way
of achieving the result."

"There are no limits as
to what you can achieve
except what you put on

Step up to the challenge
and beat it!

Dedication, hard work,
and focus help open the
doors to many
The more you put into it .... the more you will get out of it!
Practice Schedule:

Practice has begun.  We practice on Tuesday.  
Please be there on time so we can all get started and
please call if you are scheduled to practice but can't
make it that night.  We have dedicated coaches giving
their time.  It is very helpful to know how many will        
be at practice.  We will count on you unless you           
call.  Thank you.
Burlington Rifle & Pistol Club Junior Competition Team
American Legion National